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  • by Federica Mussoni |Carmine Fiore is firmly convinced that photography is above all the ability to recall, memorise, reinvent and learn, beginning from concrete realities. “The true source of inspiration – says the artist – can only be reality; but not any particular reality: it is my entire life experience which gives rise – for me and I would imagine for everybody – to thoughts and emotions”.

  • The exhibition of work by the Capri photographer Carmine Fiore entitled ‘Beaches (Doubts on the Borderland)’ was shown in Capri at the Centro Caprense Ignazio Cerio from 7 to 15 June 2008, with the invaluable support of the Foundation.

    This event should be seen as the second stage in a project dating from 1998, begun in Misano Adriatico with the exhibition ‘The Beach (Rain)’, devoted wholly to the seaside in Capri. This project aims to develop a theme very dear to the artist: the feeling of being “out of place”, thus bearing witness to his condition as an artist inextricably enveloped in his identity as an inhabitant of the island. In the past, Fiore has put forward a view of himself seen through the depths of “his” sea, the beautiful Capri sea, but now he is ready to look at similarities and differences with other beaches around the world. The beach gives rise to thoughts; thoughts which follow one another as though suspended between the unknowable horizon of the sea and the attraction of the inhabited places. Legendary horizons, unusual characters, and breath-taking Nature all combine to produce in the artist a sense of being suspended between Being and Nothingness. In his works, the overwhelming power of nature appears clearly, as does his attempt to turn it towards himself and adapt it to an artistic perspective which may illuminate his state of mind.